NATSPEC CLASS 2 Specification

From $33.00

The price per sole-occupancy unit is $33.00 inc.GST. The minimum purchase price for the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification is $330 inc.GST (equal to 10 sole-occupancy units).


The NATSPEC Class 2 Specification is the Part A of a 2-part reference specification and has been developed in co-operation with the NSW Government.

Key details:

  • Covers the majority of requirements related to Class 2 Buildings.
  • Part A does not change from one project to another but remains static. NATSPEC will update the document annually to incorporate updated standards, NCC requirements and current industry practice.
  • Part B, to be prepared by the designer, includes amendments to Part A, schedules and other project specific requirements.
  • Sold on a project-by-project basis, with a per-unit based price.
  • Developer’s responsibility to engage suitably qualified designers to document the project specific requirements to support this reference specification and confirm that the requirements of this reference specification are suitable and appropriate to the project.
  • Provided as a consolidated document for inclusion as part of the contract documents. NOTE: It is also provided in NATSPEC Workgroup parts, for convenience of use, however, individual component Workgroup parts are not stand-alone specifications.
  • The document will be watermarked with the project address and the number of sole-occupancy units.

As part of their NATSPEC subscriptions, BUILDING Professional and BUILDING Basic subscribers have access to special Class 2 Reference Schedules. These Schedules have been developed for proprietary specifying in conjunction with the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification.

NATSPEC Class 2 Reference Specification and NSW Fair Trading requirements

Under the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 and supporting Regulation, NSW Fair Trading requires a Standard Title Block to be completed and attached to the front of the schedule, specification or report for all declared regulated designs.

NSW Fair Trading have advised that the Standard Title Block it is not required to be attached to the NATSPEC Class 2 Reference Specification document. However, the Standard Title Block must be attached to any project specific schedules prepared by consultants as Part B of a two-part specification where Part A is the NATSPEC Class 2 Reference Specification.

For more information, check the frequently asked questions section on the NSW Fair Trading website or call 13 32 20.

Number of Units Discount (%) Price
10 $33.00
11+ $33.00
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