Q. Does the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification (Part A) permit editing?
A. No. The NATSPEC Class 2 Specification (Part A) is a reference specification that sets out minimum requirements for Class 2 buildings. It cannot be altered. It is a reference version of appropriate NATSPEC worksections, tailored specifically to Class 2 buildings. The Items to be documented elsewhere section at the beginning of the reference specification lists items that designers should consider when preparing their project-specific schedules, drawings, models, etc. (Part B).

Q. I am buying the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification Part A, do I also receive Part B schedules?
A. No. You must develop your own schedules to form part of the project-specific Part B unless you are a NATSPEC BUILDING Basic or BUILDING Professional subscriber. Subscribers to these packages have access to the Class 2 schedules prepared by NATSPEC for the architectural components of a Class 2 building. Schedules have not been developed for the engineering and services components as this information is usually dealt with either in the engineering drawings or in the services engineer’s custom schedules.

Q. How often will the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification be updated?
A. To create stability for the trades, the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification is updated annually.

Q. Is there a reason why NATSPEC Class 2 Specification charges per unit and not per project?
A. As a not-for-profit organisation, NATSPEC has to recoup its costs. It was determined that charging per unit would be the fairest allocation of costs.

Q. My project only contains 5 sole-occupancy units, so why am I charged for 10 sole-occupancy units and why does the specification watermark nominate 10 sole-occupancy units?
A. It was determined that a minimum purchase price of $330 (equivalent to the price for 10 sole-occupancy units) would be required for NATSPEC to recoup its costs. The watermark confirms that a specification for the minimum number of sole-occupancy units has been purchased.  

Q. Who purchases the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification?
A. The NATSPEC Class 2 Specification is generally purchased by the client, developer or lead consultant. However, any project team member can make the purchase for use by the whole project team.

Q. If the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification has been purchased for my project, do I need to do any more for a project specification?
A. Yes. All design consultants on the project will need to confirm that the requirements in the reference specification are relevant to the project and document any additional or alternative project requirements.

Q. If I have previously purchased the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification for a different project, can I also use it on my new project, seeing as it is a reference document that doesn’t change?
A. No. The NATSPEC Class 2 Specification is sold on a project-by-project basis. It will be watermarked with the project details upon purchase and is for use on that project only.

Q. Can I purchase a copy of the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification if I’m not going to use it on a project?
A. Yes. When you purchase the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification ‘Not for project use’ document, the document will be watermarked with Not for project use. When you purchase the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification for use on a project, it will be watermarked with the project address and the number of sole-occupancy units.

Q. What are the NSW Fair Trading requirements for the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification?
A. Under the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) and supporting regulation, NSW Fair Trading requires a Standard Title Block to be completed and attached to the front of the schedule, specification or report for all declared regulated designs. 

NSW Fair Trading has advised that the Standard Title Block is not required to be attached to the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification document. However, the Standard Title Block must be attached to any project-specific schedules prepared by consultants as Part B of a two-part specification where Part A is the NATSPEC Class 2 Specification. 

For more information, check the frequently asked questions section on the NSW Fair Trading website or call 13 32 20.